navigation Branch

The Navigation Branch is responsible for maneuvering the vessel, ensuring it reaches an intended desination and for accurately establishing the vessel's position in space at any given time.

Navigation officers operate and maintain the vessel's navigational systems, which are dedicated astronomical sensor systems that use the position of fixed astronomical points (such as stars) in relation to the vessel to establish it's position in space. Charts which identify such fixed astronomical points ("star charts") are maintained by the navigation branch, including the addition of new stars as they fall into navigationally significant range. 

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Featured navigation Roles

Senior Warrant Officer Zoe Lindquist serves as Navigation Officer, and is a member of the navigation branch.
Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Sonya Akakios is a helm specialist (known as a quartermaster) and is a member of the navigation branch.

navigation Specialisations


Quartermasters are responsible for maneuvering the vessel, including both subluminal and superluminal flight operation.


Navigators are responsible for operating the vessel's position-fixing and course calculation equipment and for the management of stellar charts.