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First Look: Live Tactical Exercise

Here's a first look at a live tactical exercise, giving a preview of what it will be like on Endeavour's bridge. The exercise assessment provides a series of snapshots of key moments during a Tactical Operating Environment exercise held in an 'active' simulator, including the data the trainees saw and what they were thinking when they made their decisions. 

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Original Endeavour found

I didn't realise she'd been lost... to be honest, I assumed such an iconic ship was a museum piece somewhere. But it turns out she went on to take part in the American Revolutionary War and was scuttled during a blockade.

At least they think they've found the original Endeavour... only a great deal of painstaking excavation work will tell.

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Strange new worlds...

The sequel to Neil deGrasse-Tyson's Cosmos series is on the way, called Cosmos:Possible Worlds. Apparently a look at what alien life might look like and what humanity is doing to get there (obviously without reference to the ISDC).

Article and lik to official trailer here:

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Congrats to Long Service Medallist

Congratulations to Alfisti who has been awarded the Long Service Medal (LSM) for "extended, continuous service history of good conduct".


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Orbital planetary research

Interesting article on climate research satellites just launched. Orbital climate research is what the ACROSS space station (actually an orbital dockyard) is supposed to be doing.

Also, is the technology they use - laser ranging interferometer (LRI) - instruments applicable to orbital surveying from Endeavour? 

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Endeavour Needs a Flux Capacitor

Obviously we're going to need to find somewhere on Endeavour for a Flux Capacitor... especially now that someone in Australia appears to have invented one. 

Has someone from our engineering team gone rogue?

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Ready for Battle?

Hunt/Kill simulations are coming, which will give crew the opportunity to get their hands on advanced prototype versons of helm and tactical consoles and run competitive missions against each other as teams.

These simulations will be a great opportunity to get a feel for the way things will work on Endeavour and to log some time on watch. The first sim runs are a few weeks away but supporting training material will start appearing soon, so you'll have time to get up to speed.

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Group Digest: Week 07

Welcome to 2018! Understandably things have been a little quiet over the holiday period, but in the new year's first activity summary we get our first look at what the crew of Endeavour will look like and another option for what the bridge might look like.

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Group Digest: Week 50

Here’s a summary of recent activity across ISDC groups, including those you might not be a member of. News this week includes a new Tactical Group, and discussions on Bridge design, navigation principles and an overview of deep space combat.

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Which way is forward?

So this may be one just for the nav-nerds, but as it affects how we descrbe the space around us I thought it might be of interest to the wider group. Which way is "forward" in space? The mathematical model seems to suggest "backwards", so do we need to change it?

Check it out here:


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