EMDAR Updates
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Friday, August 14, 2020 - 18:53

There have been some updates to EMDAR that reflect new research data on EM dissipation. It turns out we have been over-estimating how much EM dissipates over distance, meaning EM emissions areĀ easier to detect at lower output levels than previously thought. Which will make an EMDAR tech's life easier, but a quartermaster's life harder.

Previously only EM output above 60 SEMs were thought likely to be consistently detectable at ranges of over 3000GUs. Now, even EM output at 20 SEMs is consistently detectable (via extrapolation) at up to 7000GUs.

The new research has come from the 'projector sleds' that are towed into remote space behind the moon. These sleds output EM at different levels and detections are analysed by EMDAR-equipped shuttles. The distances are tiny compared to the ranges EMDAR works at (up to 15 million KMs) but the raw data is allowing us to tune the assumptions made in the computer models we've been using up until now.

These new models have been incorporated into EMDAR systems.



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You can see how these updated EMDAR models look on the waterfall on the remote sims, bookable here. We can set them up with a test scale of EM emissons so you can see what different EM output levels look like.