Narrowband EMDAR Limits
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Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 14:00

The sim has just been updated to introduce narrowband EMDAR limits. This means that a narrowband track will be lost if the range to the contact exceeds a certain distance (10K GUs +) or if the contact moves into a sensor shadow behind an AO.

Previously, the sim assumed a track was "forever" but with new modeling data coming in we now know enough to apply these limits. Which will present new tactical challenges (and opportunities)!



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This is why we delayed the second part of the Encounter at P3M-F53T post. The sim it was based on was re-run to reflect the new changes, as during the original sim the opposing vessel actually did move into the planet's sensor shadow, but NJ didn't have to take account of that. Second time around he did! 

Stay tuned - the post shouldn't be far away.