New EMDAR evolutions
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Wednesday, July 8, 2020 - 18:27

A couple of new EMDAR evolutions (training exercises) have been published, just in time to try out in the new sim facility!

Needle in a Haystack is pretty basic. The target isn't moving and is outputting constant EM, but it gives you a feel for how to pick target bearing from the waterfall display. With only your ship moving, it's easier to correlate the waterfall drift with heading changes. Check it out here.

Ship in a Bottle is more advanced. The target is maneuvering so its heading and EM output aren't constant. But to give the candidate a fighting chance the target must stay within a fairly small area of space, which means it must maneuver (and therefore output EM) regularly. Check it out here.

Both evolutions are required to qualify on EMDAR - you can take a look at the course page here.