Tactical Overview

Tactical systems include a range of weaponry, countermeasure and electronic warfare systems intended to protect the vessel against conceivable threat scenarios.

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Active scans now available

The active scan system has been deployed, adding a new tool for tactical sensor operations.

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EMDAR Designation Changes

Some changes have just been made to the process for designating EMDAR contacts. The new system assumes multiple contacts will be used in attempts to track a target, an approach which has emerged from tactical simulations.

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Basic Torpedo Operations

This course provides an introduction to the operation of the torpedo system.

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Encounter at P3M-F53T Part 2

The much anticipated second part to tactical officer Neeraj Anahira's blog about his experience in a hunt/kill simulation has been released.

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Torpedo Design

A 3D model has been released of the torpedoes Endeavour will be carrying.

The torps are square in shape and have a distinctive set of fins towards the rear which have a number of purposes.

SC-SCN01 Scan Analysis

 The direct scan system uses a a range of sensor technologies to analyse the configuration of objects in space.

The scan analysis panel displays a 3D visualisation of the targeted object. The fidelity of the visualisation is improved as more data is gathered.

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Narrowband EMDAR Limits

The sim has just been updated to introduce narrowband EMDAR limits. This means that a narrowband track will be lost if the range to the contact exceeds a certain distance (10K GUs +) or if the contact moves into a sensor shadow behind an AO.

Previously, the sim assumed a track was "forever" but with new modeling data coming in we now know enough to apply these limits. Which will present new tactical challenges (and opportunities)!

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New Consoles

There have been a few exciting additions to consoles in the last couple of weeks, including updates resulting from crew feedback during tactical simulations and the first science console panel.

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System Updates

There have been a few exciting updates to vessel systems recently and an initial look at some of the systems coming up on the delivery roadmap.


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