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Martian Star Update

The Martian Star evolution has been updated with a new overview video that incorporates the new Impulse Flight console panel. For a limited time the evolution will be availbale to all members so take a look.

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Martian Star Video Update

The video accompanying the Martian Star evolution has been updated to reflect recent changes to gimbal limits, etc in the sim. It also includes the new Impulse Flight panel.

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Compass Update

The compass has had a minor update, removing the gold indicator circle.

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Sim Meetup Video

The last Saturday Meetup was focussed on impulse navigation, so we thought it was a good opportunity to give a quick video tour of the helm. 

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This Saturday's Meetup Focus

At this week's meetup we'll be re-filming the training video for the 'Martian Star' navigation evolution, which crew use to practise key impulse maneuvering techniques. Drop by to see how it's done or take the helm and give it a go yourself!

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How to fly a starship

I've seen some coverage of the Space-X launch focusing on the console interface inside the Crew Dragon, which primarily consists of three touchscreen panels.

It occurred to me that I'd seen that kind of configuration somewhere before...

Evolution: Martian Star

This impulse navigation evolution involves maneuvering the vessel in a series of inbound and outbound approaches around a planet (Mars). When completed, the maneuvers can be visulaised as forming a simple star pattern around the planet.

NV-102 Impulse Maneuvering

This course covers advanced impulse navigation techniques.

Course Structure


Intercept Bearing Calculator (IBC) Module

Held Bearing Execution

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Basic Impulse Operations

This course provides an introduction to flight operations in impulse navigation mode, including underlying theory, basic maneuvering and console operation.

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Held Bearing Execution

Here's an interesting article: a guide to executing held bearing meaneuvers, such as the radial traversal (partial planetary "orbit") seen in the recently post evolution video.


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