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Helm & Tactical Training

If you've been looking forward to taking part in a Hunt/Kill sim, then its time to get training! 

An overview of helm and training programs has been posted in the Mission Blog, where you can also register your interest in whichever program interests you.

The programs will kick off with a seminar explaining theory and providing demos. The first of these seminars will be in person so that the instructors can get valuable feedback on content and presentation. Video versions of the seminars will be available soon after.

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First Video Posted

A demonstration video of a training evolution has been added to the site, the first of a range of training videos that are planned.

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Deceleration Charts

Impulse deceleration charts have been posted here. These provide a useful guide for when you have to stop at a particular spot.

You should always bear in mind that there's no such thing as pinpoint accuracy with impulse nav, so these charts aren't accurate to the GU. For starters, your actual deceleration distance will depend on when in the maneuvering cycle you push the engage button. But they should be good for +/-50GU.

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Helm Update

Some great new improvements have been included in the latest update to the helm, including a couple we’ve been asking after for a while.

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Check Out the Helm

The ISDC workshops have been busy the last few months building a simulation space for training on ship systems. This modular new space (more details coming) will contain multiple consoles for ship systems and the first to be profiled is the helm.

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The Hunt is On

It's time to fly! ​It's taken longer than we’d expected, but work on what we’ve been calling the “MVP” is done. This means impulse maneuvering and tactical systems are ready to be flown by crew in hunt/kill simulations.

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The Hunt Begins

At last, the chance to get hands-on with Endeavour is here! Hunt/kill simulations are underway and this is your first chance to sign up to train as a potential crew member...

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How to fly a starship

The navigation team have released their first evolution (training exercise) which highlights some of the skills a quartermaster will need to pilot Endeavour.

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Think you can fly this course?

Our first navigation evolution (training and evaluation exercise) was recently posted. It's still pretty bare-bones at the moment but it gives a great idea of what's required to pilot a ship like Endeavour around.

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Ready for Battle?

Hunt/Kill simulations are coming, which will give crew the opportunity to get their hands on advanced prototype versons of helm and tactical consoles and run competitive missions against each other as teams.

These simulations will be a great opportunity to get a feel for the way things will work on Endeavour and to log some time on watch. The first sim runs are a few weeks away but supporting training material will start appearing soon, so you'll have time to get up to speed.


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