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Remote Simulator Operations

Above: The main configuration screen.The remote simulation system provides training support by allowing crew to access exact replicas of vessel systems for system familiarity and practising training evolutions.

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Remote Simulators

Remote simulators are now available, allowing crew to get valuable hands-on time with vessel systems without leaving home.

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Step Aboard Endeavour

Here’s a first look at what life might be like onboard Endeavour: Stage two of the ISDC’s simulation facility has been completed, adding more space and capability for new ship systems to the original realistic sim environment.

Tactical Training

The Tactical Branch is responsible for the defence of the vessel through the operation of weapons and countermeasure systems and for providing detailed and accurate information about the vessel's operating environment.

Navigation Training

The Navigation Branch is responsible for maneuvering the vessel, ensuring it reaches an intended destination and for accurately establishing the vessel's position in space at any given time.

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Getting Mission Ready

Even more important than the technology and resources behind Endeavour’s construction is the preparation of the crew who will carry out the ISDC's deep space mission.

Every successful space program has recognised the training and preparedness of its crews as critical to the success of the mission. This has typically been achieved by beginning training and simulation programs well in advance of completion of construction and the ISDC is doing the same.

Training Programs

The Academy offers training programs across the ISDC's professional branches.

NV-102 Impulse Maneuvering

This course covers advanced impulse navigation techniques.

Course Structure


Intercept Bearing Calculator (IBC) Module

Held Bearing Execution

About the Academy

Deep space missions will require highly trained crews across a wide range of specialisations. The ISDC’s Academy has two programs to deliver both the skills and experience crews will need.


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