#power distribution

generating PDN schematics

PDN schematics appear frequently on vessel consoles, to assist with the management and monitoring of power distribution to the systems controlled by the console. Where a PDN schematic is required on a console, a schematic module is added in the required space using the Console Designer. The schematic may then be drawn in that space (or a pre-drawn schematic added).

PDN conduits

Power is distributed between power sources and vessel systems by conduits. Each conduit is designed for distributing a particular type of power and will have a maximum rating for the amount of power (current) it can handle.

PDN schematics overview

Power Distribution Network (PDN) schematics are included on consoles to provide an overview of available power sources and to allow for the configuration of those sources. Power sources and vessel systems connected to them are all represented on the PDN as*nodes. Nodes are connected by conduit* which are shown on schematics to provide an overview of available distribution pathways for power.

PDN nodes

Power distribution nodes are used to route and convert power across the vessel's network of power conduits.

power distribution network

The vessel’s Power Distribution Network is a highly redundant, layered distribution system for delivering power from generation and auxiliary power sources to vessel systems.

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