engineering Branch

Engineers are highly specialised technologists, responsible for the maintenance and repair of critical ship systems and the operation of the vessel's power generation and distribution systems.

The engineering branch has one of the widest range of specialisations, reflecting the number of systems aboard the vessel - engineers are responsible for maintaining the systems used by other branches.

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Featured engineering Roles

Lt. Commander Rob Hewson is an engineering officer, responsible for managing the vessel’s power requirements and for monitoring the status of ship systems.
Petty Officer (PPO) Paul McNielson is a propulsion specialist, responsible for the operation and maintenance of the magnetoplasma engines used to propel the vessel through space. The role requires a...

engineering Specialisations


Generation is a specialisation working with the vessel's fusion reactor and auxiliary power generation systems and the distribution of power to vessel systems via the Power Distribution Network (PDN).


Propulsion is a specialisation working with the ship's propulsion systems including

MIE Impulse Engines

Involves the operation, maintenance and repair of the vessel's main engines.

FTL Drive 

Involves the operation, maintenance and repair of the faster-than light (FTL) propulsion drive.

Core Systems

Core systems is an advanced specialisation responsible for the vessel's computing, data distribution infrastructure and communications systems.


Engineer is the base engineering specialisation involving the monitoring, maintenance and repair of vessel systems. There are a number of sub-specialisations:


Involves management and repair of vessel superstructure, specialist mounting components for vessel systems and passive defence systems.

Environmental Systems

Involves management and repair environmental systems including artificial gravity, inertial dampening system, atmospheric and recycling systems.