Firing Solution Prototype
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Monday, March 9, 2020 - 21:48

Above: Firing solution calculator prototype (click for larger)This is a first look at a firing solution calculator prototype. This will be used to calculate the ideal combination of range and speed for a torpedo launch in order to hit its target (a “prosecution”).

One of the key variables is the closing velocity (CV) of the torpedo. The torpedo launchers can only accelerate a torpedo to a small fraction of the speed vessel’s like Endeavour can easily maintain. However, a torpedo also gains the velocity of its launch vessel, which means a torpedo launch under ideal conditions could be travelling significantly faster than its target.

The flash of EM (primarily infrared and magnetic) at launch may alert a vigilant EMDAR operator on the target vessel. After that the torpedo is guided either by the vessel’s own sensors via a data link, or using its own onboard EMDAR sensors. Because the vessel travels only on its launch momentum it is virtually undetectable while in flight.

If the torpedo loses track of its target it can fall back to an active detection mode, which uses high-frequency radar to track its target. This also makes the torpedo visible to its target (which could try to outrun or shoot down the torpedo) and so is only used as a last option, or to ensure prosecution when it’s too late for the target to react.

The firing solution calculator allows the operator to input variables representing the closing velocity of a torpedo, range to target and when during flight each flight mode is engaged. It also allows the operator to predict how fast the target could accelerate to try and outrun the torpedo when it is detected.

The firing solution console will include multiple calculators so that the operator and compare different options for the same target, or prepare solutions for multiple targets.