Ruins of Tau Ceti

When intelligence reveals that a rival deep-space program has found ruins of an alien outpost in the Tau Ceti system, Endeavour is sent to find out more. The exo-archaeology team already there are unlikely to welcome visitors and they won't have been left unprotected...

Mission Specs

Up to 4 participants
Estimated Duration:
60 mins
  • EMDAR Operations
  • Impulse Operations
  • Weapons Direction

Mission Scenario

Intelligence suggests a reval deep-space program have discovered the ruins of an alien output on fifth planet in the Tau Ceti star system (Tau Ceti 5 or F53T-P5M). An exo-archaeology team is likely already on the planet, likely protected by a detachment of marines. The starship that took them there is thought to have remained in the star system to provide operational support and protection.

Your Orders

Intelligence indicates an adversary force has located an artificially constructed outpost on P3M-F53T and has scientific teams on site, protected by a starship patrolling within the star system.

You are to neutralise the adversary starship and prevent it from leaving the system to report on this action. You are then to secure the outpost site and deploy scientific teams there as soon as is safe.

Endeavour will take aboard it's own exo-archaeology team and marines, but before they can be landed the rival starship patrolling the star system will need to be found and neutralised.

Because of the rival starship's dual-role misison it is thought likely it will be maintaining proximity to the planet to provide operational support to the planetside team, but far enough out to be able to detect and intercept intruders.

Mission Success

The mission will be considered successful when Endeavour secures a successful torpedo prosecution against the rival starship.

If the rival starship secures a successful torpedo prosecution against Endeavour, or if the rival starship flees the system by engaging its FTL drive, the mission ends and is unsuccessful.


This mission scenario supports an EMDAR specialist's participation on the bridge, in which case EMDAR and weapons direction roles could be split across port (operations) console as well as the starboard tactical console.