About the Academy

Deep space missions will require highly trained crews across a wide range of specialisations. The ISDC’s Academy has two programs to deliver both the skills and experience crews will need.

Training programs provide the knowledge and skills necessary to operate vessel systems.

The simulation program allows crew to build on their qualifications with practical experience.

Training Programs

Training programs provide system theory and operational skills. When a program is completed the trainee is a qualified to operate that system on active duty.

Training programs are made up of one or more courses, each dealing with a specific system or skillset needed for the qualification.

Courses typically include:

  • a training video providing an overview of theory and skills
  • technical articles which provide additional detail to the topic covered in the video
  • one or more training exercises (known as evolutions) which allow trainees to practise their new skills

Courses are evaluated by assessment test and/or successful completion of evolutions under supervision.

Once each course in the program is completed, the qualification will be awarded and displayed on the trainee’s personal profile page.

A list of all courses that a trainee has underway is displayed in a personalised section on the academy home page. Each listing provides links to the course details and to direct message the instructor.


An instructor is assigned to a trainee for every course to answer questions and provide training guidance and support. The instructor will determine when the trainee has completed the course requirements.

Simulation Program

The Academy’s simulation program provides the opportunity for newly-trained crew to hone their skills and gain mission experience, so that they’re ready for anything a deep space mission can throw at them.

Using the ISDC’s simulation facility, crews to train together as if they were aboard. Simulation scenarios can include everything from system-specific to full mission experiences. Crews can engage other crews in competitive head-to-head missions or place themselves at the mercy of the mission operations team.

Once crew are qualified on a vessel system, they well be able to participate in simulations on that system.