Navigation Officer

Senior Warrant Officer Zoe Lindquist serves as Navigation Officer, and is a member of the navigation branch.

Navigators are responsible for knowing where in space the vessel is and how to get to where it needs to be. All line officers expecting to command will spend time as a navigators.

The navigation officer aboard a vessel is the head of the navigation department, responsible for junior navigators and helm specialists.

What Would I Be Doing?

Interested in Senior Warrant Officer Lindquist’s role as a navigator?

Once you've completed training you'll be able to gain more experience by joining simulator missions chosen from a growing library of tactical, exploratory, scientific and diplomatic scenarios.

Some of your skills such as helm operation will be directly used during misisons. Other skills will be used to help develop missions and training programs.

Helm Operation

While the helm would normally be operated by a crew specialist (a quartermaster), a navigator is fully capable of operating the helm in Impulse Navigation and FTL flight modes. You’ll be conducting flight operations during missions.

Course Plotting

You’ll be able to contribute to the development of missions and training programs by plotting pre-defined courses for use by helm operators during missions.

Stellar Cartography

As missions cover more and more space, you’ll update the navigation database including details of the star systems explored.

Becoming a Navigator

To become a navigator you'll need to sign up as crew, which gives you access to online training at the Academy including the simulator facility.

To become a navigator you'll complete training on navigation systems. As you becomed 'rated' on each system you'll be able to operate that system in the simulator during missions. 

Once you've logged the required mission hours operating those systems, you'll qualify as a navigator.

Your profile will display which systems you're rated on, as well as show your current rank and qualification insignia.

From there how your career develops is up to you. As you complete more missions you'll increase in rank. As a line officer you would have a career path to command by also qualifying as a tactical and operations officer.

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