Navigation Training

The Navigation Branch is responsible for maneuvering the vessel, ensuring it reaches an intended destination and for accurately establishing the vessel's position in space at any given time.


The main navigation specialisations are:


A quartermaster (helm specialist) is responsible for vessel maneuvering using the helm. They works closely with tactical and science teams to ensure optimal vessel orientation for defence and exploration.

A starship operates in three navigation modes and to be rated as a quartermaster requires qualification in all three, although most vessel maneuvering is done in impulse (sublight) mode.


Rating as a quartermaster requires completion of these training programs:


A navigator operates the systems that pinpoint the vessel's position in space and for drafting course plots or flight plans that a quartermaster can implement to get the vessel where it needs to be.

The most senior navigator on a vessel is responsible for the navigation department and managing a small team of junior navigators and quartermasters.


Navigators usually follow an officer career track.

A navigator needs to be rated as a quartermaster in addition to completing specialist training programs.