Ops Console Gets its First Update
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Tuesday, May 25, 2021 - 17:52

 The operations console just got its first update, with two design mockups of Master Systems panels recently added. When completed, the panels will provide an overview of status across Endeavour’s key environmental, spaceframe and power systems.

The first panel is based on a cutaway diagram of the vessel showing all eight decks and divided onto longitudinal sections. An issue within a section will be shown by a gold (alert) or red (alarm) indicator.

 The second panel provides a deckplan for the selected deck, with extra detail to assist with locating an issue. Two instances for the deck plan are displayed so that operators can filter for specific systems.

Operations Console

The operations console will support a broad range of functions on the bridge. During normal operations it will be used by the Operations Management (Ops) officer to manage the allocation of vessel sensor, computer and power resources between teams.

The console will also be used to manage flight operations (shuttle or drone) and away missions.

If the vessel takes damage, the Ops officer will manage damage control and can be assisted by an engineer for complex damage control or power routing requirements.

What is a design mockup?

A design mockup represents an advanced stage in the delivery of a console panel and means that most of the functional and integration design work for the panel has been completed. It allows for review and feedback from the crew.

The next step will be to produce a working software prototype of the panel for testing.

While changes to panel designs can be expected before the panel is finally deployed, a design mockup typically gives a good indication of what the final panel will look like.