Evolution: Ship in a Bottle

This EMDAR evolution involves tracking a TSMO which is constrained within a set area of space.


The evolution is intended to provide training and competency evaluation on the following EMDAR skills:

  • Advanced interpretation of waterfall data
  • Co-ordination of flight operations with EMDAR operation

Proving Course

The evolution may take place in any star system.

Both target TSMO and hunting vessel begin the evolution at all stop with a heading of 000.

The target TSMO begins at a random position 4000GU from the hunting vessel and will be constrained within a target area of 5000 GUs on each axis from this point (whether this area is defined by a positive or negative value on each access will be determined by which value moves the target TSMO away from the hunting vessel). 

Evolution Plan

The target TSMO immediately applies standard thrust until it reaches three-quarter impulse, on any heading that keeps it within the defined target area. 

The target TSMO must maintain a constant speed and maneuver to keep itself within the target area. All TSMO maneuvers must apply standard or greater thrust.

The hunting vessel may maneuver freely.

The evolution is completed when the hunting vessel achieves a track of the target TSMO.


For evaluation purposes the evolution must be completed within 60 minutes.