The sudden appearance of a strange vessel turns a routine mission into a potential first contact situation. But is everything as it seems?

Mission Specs

Up to 5 participants
Estimated Duration:
60 mins
  • EMDAR Operations
  • Impulse Operations
  • Near-Range Sensors
  • Systems Management

Mission Scenario

Your Orders

Endeavour is to load a Class 2 monitoring probe/relay platform along with supporting mission specialists and proceed to the Epsilon Eridane system where the platform is to be deployed at the direction of the lead mission specialist. After deployment verification monitoring of the platform is to be undertaken to the satisfaction of the lead mission specialist, after which Endeavour is to immediately return to Earth unless exigencies arise.

No additional exploration or survey work is to be undertaken within the system on this mission.

Endeavour is sent to the Epsilon Eridani system to deploy a dual-role monitoring probe and communications relay.

The system has been mapped - all major AO's have been located and their orbits calculated, although none of its planets have yet been surveyed. As there are more probe/relay platforms to deply in other systems, Endevaour will not undertake planetary surveys on this mission, instead returning as soon as verifiaction monitoring of the deployment has been completed.

As with even the most routine mission the crew must be ready for unexpected encounters and be ready to apply first contact protocols.